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5th April 2016
Published by: Business Bulletin - Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce

Business Lessons I've learned

Toughest lesson you have learned?

Working for clients at cut-price fees makes you a busy fool!  I think this is a common mistake many consultants make.  You need long term sustainable business at the right price for your company to grow.  We work hard on pricing at Hardies.  It’s especially important in Aberdeen at the moment and because we are still a fairly new name here.  We are a one-stop shop though so can offer client’s one point of contact.

Most unusual piece of business won?

Valuation advice on a former airport control tower on the North Coast – the advice given was confidential I am afraid so I can’t tell you any more!  We work on all sorts of projects though and some can be more unusual than others.  We have just been working on a pontoon installation at the harbour in St Andrews for example, that was certainly a little bit different.  Having said that one of the most glamorous of late if you like was the refurbishment of Tiger Lily in Edinburgh.

Which company value means the most to you?

Corporate responsibility.  It’s something we should all live by and I personally adhere to it.  I also like that we value new blood at Hardies and even right through the recession, continued with both our graduate recruitment scheme and support of students training.  It’s really essential to thin of the professionals who will work in this industry to take it forward and what training and support they will get.  We have supported many young people and it has reaped dividends with some graduate who initially joined us now ending up as Partners.

If you could make one thin happed tomorrow?

The cliff walk between Gardenstown and Crovie must me one of the most beautiful parts of the Shire.  No matter what the weather, it never disappoints.

What would you like to do when you retire?

Continue my racing career.  I qualified to race touring cars in 2010 but damaged my back shortly afterwards so never raced in earnest.  It would be great to go back to it.

Hardies which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013 serves clients in both the private and public sectors with a complete operation in property and construction development, including property valuation, building and quantity surveying and project management.  The firm also handles the leasing and sale of commercial and industrial buildings; H&S Principal Designer and the provision of Energy Performance Certificates.  Altogether Hardies employ over 100 members of staff, professionally qualified in various disciplines.

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