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7th December 2015
Published by: Duloch Discovery

Hardies - A Company You Can Trust

Hardies, Scotland’s largest multi discipline surveying firm with fourteen offices across the country, including one in Dunfermline, is a very experienced firm equally at home in the domestic market as well as the commercial and industrial sector.  Dunfermline home owners are urged to make use of its considerable expertise and surveying skills to identify defects in plumbing and construction that may have been causing problems in their properties for some time.  Perhaps you feel you have exhausted every other avenue?  Hardies can use their knowledge to ascertain the cause of the problem, whether it’s an internal leak from pipes – they can map out your pipework – or a fault which has occurred when the property was constructed. 

They can then identify an effective course of action to rectify the problem and use their knowledge of specialist and trusted suppliers to carry out the remedial works required. 

“Sometime clients may feel that they have tried everything and have hit a brick wall in trying to resolve a long term problem.  The source of leaks in particular can be very difficult to find and cause enormous damage in a short space of time,” said Danny McArthur, Partner in the Dunfermline Office: “This is where bringing in a specialist building surveyor can help.  Seek their advice before you get any more costly repairs carried out and although every case is different, perhaps it may save you making an insurance claim.  The building surveyor will identify the cause and bring in contractors who will work in close consultation with him to solve the issue.” 

However, if you are making an insurance claim Hardies can provide you with documents such as a Defect Analysis Report to support your claim. 

“We have assisted with cases in a wide range of properties, old and new, and are keen to let homeowners know that we can help,” said Danny. 

“We are also on hand to advise on home improvements; extensions and conversions, valuations, poor workmanship issues and structural concerns. 

“There are a great many houses currently turning garages into family rooms, or adding space at the back of the properties.  We feel that this too is a growing area for us and clients want companies they can trust.” 

Also in the residential sector, Hardies inspect and value properties on a regular basis for the purpose of providing Home Reports for properties for sale and valuation reports for lenders and private individuals.



Those interested in the surveying industry may also be keen to know that Hardies is consistently looking to the future and supports students and graduates in the industry.  The firm kept its graduate training schemes in operation right through the recession and beyond.  At the moment two female students from Midlothian are being supported by Hardies whilst they study at Napier University to become a Building and Quantity Surveyor respectively.  Both girls are looking to gain vital work experience working on Hardies latest school projects in the area. 

Says Hardies Managing Partner, Derek Ferrier: “We usually only take one student a year in our sponsorship and employment scheme but we couldn’t decide between Laura and Kirsten, as they are both excellent candidates, and so we decided to take them both on.” 

Mr Ferrier outlined that the girls will get £1000 a year to help them with their studies, plus they will be paid a ‘living wage’ rate to work with Hardies in its Dalkeith office when they are not at university, during the Christmas and summer holidays for example. 

When they graduate, Hardies will also guarantee each of them a full time post for two years. 

Hardies also operates an approved RICS APC (Assessment of Professional Competence) programme which employs recent graduates and allocates them a supervisor, mentor and counsellor who supports them throughout their two year APC training period.  Many graduates who originally came to Hardies through this scheme are still with the firm. 

Added Derek Ferrier “Our support of student and gradates brings enormous benefit to the firm as a whole and we are quite clearly investing in the future of Hardies.”

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