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9th April 2015
Published by: Dunfermline Press

New partners for Hardies

HARDIES Property and Construction Consultants have appointed three new partners in their Dunfermline office. 

The trio – who took up their posts on 1st April – are Paul Duncan (valuation), Danny McArthur and Martin McConnell (both building surveying). 

They were among 11 new partners appointed by Hardies in Scotland last week as they prepared for the future identifying ‘rising stars’ who will contribute to the firm’s future growth. 

Hardies managing partner, Derek Ferrier, said, “It’s a new era for Hardies, we are very excited to unveil our new partners and are confident that we have the right people to lead the company forward. 

“We’ve invested in staff over many years and now we’re putting our trust in our staff. 

“Hardies has been providing surveying services for more than 100 years and the purpose of this succession planning is to provide the right platform for future growth in the next 100 years. 

“We are only custodians of the Hardies name and need to ensure the firm continues to grow.” 

The firm, which has 14 offices throughout Scotland, advertised internally for prospective new partners who were required to put together a presentation demonstrating what unique attributes they could bring to Hardies as a partner in the firm. 

“We wanted to know what they would bring to the table to lead Hardies forward and help the firm to continue to grow and develop,” Mr Ferrier said. 

“It was an extremely interesting exercise and really helped us to clarify who the best people were and it did not depend on how old they were or how long they had been with us.

“Technology for example is moving so fast. 

“We need to release our young stars and see what they can do in this vein.  We want to be at the forefront of our profession and using new technology to our advantage is one of the ways in which we will continue to achieve that.” 

Around 20 years ago, Hardies developed its ‘one stop shop’ approach of property and construction related services, adding project management and building surveying to complete the range of services required from inception to completion in the development process. 

The firm’s latest service is dispute resolution support, assisting clients in resolving issues without adopting formal dispute resolution procedures in a bid to avoid costly litigation. 

Mr Ferrier said, “Our new partners will continue to look at our position and service offering in the current market place and we are confident that we will continue to come up with the right mix of services to look after our diverse client base which covers educational establishments, banks, building societies, private developers, leisure and healthcare, social housing and numerous councils.”

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