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10th April 2015
Published by: FifeToday

Partner chosen as 'rising star' in firm

Hardies Property & Construction Consultants, Scotland’s largest multi-discipline surveying firm, has just appointed 11 new partners, including Gary Ovenstone from its St Andrews office. 

The firm, which has more than 100 staff across its 14 offices, said it was preparing for the future by identifying the “rising starts” who would contribute to the company’s growth. 

With some if its long-serving partners having just retired, or about to retire, Hardies made the appointments to give a team of 16 equity partners in total. 

Managing Partner Derek Ferrier said: “it’s a new era for Hardies.  We’ve invested in staff over many years and now we’re putting our trust in our staff.  Hardies has been providing surveying services for more than 100 years and the purpose of this succession planning is to provide the right platform for future growth in the next 100 years.” 

The company looked internally for prospective new partners, who had to show what they would bring to the table. 

“It was an extremely interesting exercise and really helped us to clarify who the best people were and did not depend on how old they were or how long they had been with us,” Mr Ferrier said.

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