School Pupils

Hardies recognise that the choice of the most appropriate career is very difficult for many school pupils without the benefit of practical experience which any particular job or career entails. Many school pupils have an awareness of property and construction but don’t actually understand the areas a Chartered Surveyor operates in and what job opportunities there are in various industry sectors. In order to overcome this lack of knowledge Hardies subscribe to a number of school related work experience programmes including "Work and Enterprise", "shadowing", "mentoring" etc which helps to prepare school pupils for this workplace in a rapidly changing world and gives pupils an insight into the knowledge, skills and attitudes they will need when they enter the world of work.

Hardies believe that we have a social responsibility in our local communities to play an active part in the development of Scotland’s future workforce. Our work experience schemes aim to give school pupils:

  • experience for the workplace and help to prepare them for the transition from school to work
  • wider understanding of industrial and commercial life
  • ways of thinking and behaving appropriate to the workplace
  • increased self-confidence and independence
  • enhanced communication skills
  • improved capacity to work in co-operation with others
  • awareness of their own potential