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UK Wide Growth
   2022 UK Expansion Offices in London, Leeds and Belfast
In 2021/2022 both Hardies and J&E Shepherd Chartered Surveyors commenced their expansion plans across the UK growing to 41 offices and c400 staff.
2016 Hardies Merge with J&E Shepherd Surveyors
In December 2016 Hardies merged with J&E Shepherd Surveyors to become the largest multi disciplinary surveying firm in Scotland with 34 offices and 350 staff, with both firms retaining their name.
1997 Hardies Property & Construction Consultants
In 1997 the firm changed to Hardies Property & Construction Consultants and finally Hardies LLP in 2005.
1978 One of the largest in Scotland
Between 1978 and 2008 Hardies opened several regional offices but since 2010 became one of the largest surveying practices in Scotland with a total of 10 offices across Scotland.
1950 John G. Hardie & Son
The name of the firm changed to John G. Hardie & Son in 1950 and then in 1968 Hardies expanded further in Perth and then in St Andrews in 1978.
1913 J.G. Hardie Ordained Surveyor and Valuator
Mr John Gordon Hardie set up a Quantity Surveying practice called “J.G. Hardie Ordained Surveyor and Valuator” in 1913. His son Gordon Hardie set up the second Hardies office in Edinburgh in 1933 (which remains the Head Office to this day).
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