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SUPPORT is growing for further adoption of Conflict Avoidance Process (CAP) techniques within the Scottish construction sector.

Last month, Project Scotland reported that a working group had been established to explore and raise awareness of CAP, which includes the use of independent experts who step in when construction disputes arise to help resolve issues before they go down a more formal route such as adjudication, arbitration or litigation.

The move followed a virtual meeting of industry stakeholders, hosted by dispute resolution specialist Len Bunton along with the RICS, where the idea was developed of forming a group to promote and encourage better relationship management, conflict avoidance and techniques like CAP.

Hardies Property & Construction Consultants partner Murray Warner is a member of the working group. Hardies had already signed up to the RICS Scotland Conflict Avoidance Pledge, which aims to drive behavioural change in the way relationships and disputes are managed.

Please click on link to read Murray Warner’s views.


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