Fire Risk Assessment

Hardies work closely with Clients in carrying out Fire Risk Assessments to ensure that the objectives of the assessment are clearly identified and achieved. The reason for the assessment could be:

  • To comply with statutory requirements
  • To meet insurance requirements
  • To meet business continuity and financial requirements
  • To meet environmental protection requirements

However the primary objective is to assess the risks in the event of fire and having identified the risks to recommend the actions necessary to eliminate or reduce the risks. The actions required may include the following:

  • Identifying fire hazards and persons that may be at risk from such hazards.
  • Examining the provision of emergency escape facilities and routes to ascertain that they are adequately signed and illuminated, provided with doors that can be opened immediately and in an outwards direction, and are kept free from obstruction.
  • Examining the provision of fire-fighting equipment and, where installed, detection and alarm systems, to ascertain that they are appropriate, suitably positioned and signed, accessible, and properly maintained in working order.
  • Assessing the results of the above three stages by:
    • Evaluating the risks and deficiencies
    • Identifying those which require action to eliminate or reduce them
    • Putting into action an appropriate plan for the elimination or reduction of risks and hazards
    • Correction of deficiencies in escape facilities and provision of fire fighting and fire detection equipment

Hardies will provide a report covering all aspects of the foregoing and using our in-house multi-discipline teams can arrange for any upgrading work to be carried out. Thus relieving the Client of the responsibilities for organising the work required.

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