Domestic Green Deal Advice and Assessment

What is the Green Deal?

The Green Deal forms part of the Energy Act and is a government led initiative to reduce carbon emissions in domestic and non domestic properties in the UK and to enable as many households as possible to benefit from energy efficiency improvements in the most cost-effective way. A Green Deal assessment is the first step for consumers to enter into a Green Deal plan. Assessments must be undertaken by a Green Deal Advice Organisation also called a Green Deal Assessor Organisation. This the certified organisation under which individual Green Deal Advisors work.

What is the role of the GDAO?

A certified Green Deal Advice Organisation is the body that provides independent Green Deal advice through the means of the Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR) for the effective delivery of the prescribed Green Deal Standards. The advice dictates the suitability of the household for the installation of Green Deal measures.

With Hardies being a certified Green Deal Advice Organisation, it allows Hardies trained Green Deal Advisors to offer expert advice to Clients, and carry out a Green Deal Assessment and then produce Green Deal Advice reports throughout Scotland.

Our qualified and authorised Green Deal Advisors will make recommendations for measures that could improve the energy efficiency of a building. They have the technical knowledge, practical competence and skills to provide consumers with the advice they need in order to make informed decisions. The advice provided will be impartial as presented in the Energy Act 2011, the Framework Regulations and the Green Deal Code of Practice. The Green Deal Advice report provided is portable and can be taken to any Green Deal Provider to obtain a quote for a Green Deal Plan.

Kevin Webster BSc(Hons) MRICS

Building Surveyor/Green Deal Assessor

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