Project Management

Hardies' philosophy is to provide the highest level of service possible whilst at the same time providing our Clients with a specific and tailored service for each and every project.

Our skill is reflected in achieving the balance between cost, time, quality and flexibility in delivering the project to the Clients’ expectations and satisfaction.

Our Project Management Services include:

  • Brief Writing
  • Procurement
  • Planning
  • Cost Management
  • Risk Management
  • Contract Selection
  • Control and Co-ordination from inception to completion
  • Specialist Services

Our Project Management philosophy is:

To provide extensive but flexible project management services to Clients who require independent professional control of capital projects or who need additional resources or specific skills not immediately available within their own organisation. Our services can extend from inception through to operational completion or be concentrated in a particular area of need eg. brief writing.

Our philosophy is based on supplying the appropriate type and level of professional management services required by our Clients for positively and productively implementing and co-ordinating the building project, during the various phases of design, procurement and construction.

We believe that without this approach being adopted the resultant absence of effective controls could lead to timescales slipping, budget costs significantly increasing and disputes arising; all of which can prejudice development and viability of the project.

Our approach to managing project objectives is to use specialist project management staff, supported by computer based management systems to allow effective planning, monitoring and control of the development programme and budget, from feasibility to completion.

We use critical path analysis and other project planning techniques to extensively programme the main activities of the plan throughout the project.

Close project control, through appropriate levels of monitoring against the progress required by the agreed programme, will maintain the necessary level of performance and allow Hardies Project Management to minimise programme slippage and budget over-runs by quickly identifying risk areas and taking early corrective action.

We believe there is a need to run concurrently, clear project documentation, specifically written by us, to provide the co-ordinated control necessary for the design, procurement and construction process.

Our cost and progress planning will allow the Client and other members of the Project Team to concentrate on their own specialist areas and we will also provide a single point of contact for the Client and the Design Team on all issues affecting the project.

Our intention is to ensure that Clients are able to relieve themselves of the burden of day-to-day detail whilst resting assured that they retain the right of decision and that the service we provide is tailored to meet their own special requirements, through the control and monitoring of all activities contributing to the completion of work with particular attention to the following:

  • The co-ordination and management of the activities leading to the establishment of a design brief, including the planning of the Client’s operational requirements.
  • The co-ordination of the activities of the Design Team to ensure that the design brief is translated into an acceptable design which meets the Client’s functional requirements.
  • Programming and control of progress at every stage of the project.
  • Cost Control at every stage of the project.

The use of appropriate programming and planning techniques enables programme alternatives to be evaluated to ensure that properly conceived planning dictates the optimum allocation of resources to tasks and that time and cost allowances are realistic. This approach can be used to benefit any series of activities from the production of design information to the planning of construction. These techniques are of particular assistance in monitoring progress since the implications of any variance from the programme can be readily identified and the options for taking corrective action considered and implemented at the earliest opportunity.


Detailed reports on all aspects of the project are provided throughout the design, construction and maintenance periods of the project. The frequency of the reports are agreed with the Client at the outset and are programmed to coincide with the Client’s financial or organisational requirements.

Monitoring Progress and Identifying Corrective Action

We always envisage an active role in the monitoring process involving attendance at meetings with Clients, Design Team, construction team or others, the frequency and timing of which depends upon the size, complexity and duration of the project.

Progress information is summarised in monthly reports which identify to the Client/user areas of importance and sound the appropriate warning notes regarding pending problems.

In the event of deviation from the general programme, we analyse the effects on the progress of the individual elements of the projects to the overall project and take appropriate action to correct any unwanted deviation.

Our Project Management services will include some or all of the following duties:

Assist in preparing the Client's brief
Develop Project Manager's brief
Advise on budget/funding arrangements
Advise on site acquisition, grants and planning
Arrange feasibility study and report

Strategy Stage
Develop project strategy
Prepare Project Manager’s Brief
Develop Consultant's brief
Devise project programme
Select Project Team members
Establish management structure

Co-ordinate design processes
Appoint consultants (eg. Architectural, Engineering, Quantity Surveying)
Arrange insurance and warranties
Select procurement system
Arrange tender documentation
Organise contractor pre-qualification
Evaluate tenders
Participate in contractor selection
Participate in contractor appointment

Organise site control system
Monitor progress, costs, quality
Arrange meetings (eg. progress, technical)
Authorise payments
Organise communication/reporting system
Provide total co-ordination
Issue safety/health procedures
Address environmental aspects
Co-ordinate statutory authorities
Monitor budget and variation orders
Develop final account

Arrange pre-commissioning/commissioning
Organise handover/occupation
Advise on marketing disposal
Organise maintenance manuals (including emergency operations)
Operation and Maintenance
Plan for maintenance period
Develop maintenance programme/staff training
Plan facilities management
Arrange for feedback monitoring


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