Development Monitoring

Development Monitoring


Hardies have a long-established and experienced development monitoring department that functions across all our offices and across most sectors. Our team is headed up by Murray Warner, and supported by a team of Partners in each of Hardies offices.

Over the years we have developed comprehensive documents and procedures that ensure we can effectively protect our clients’ interests in relation to monitoring, especially given the wide-ranging elements that need to be reviewed and monitored to minimise risk. 

Our business sets itself apart from competitors due to the ability to provide multi-disciplined services. These include Project Management, Quantity Surveying, Building Surveying, Principal Designer, Health and Safety Consultancy, Clerk of Works, Energy Surveying, and Housing Services. This is particularly relevant in relation to monitoring as we can provide the necessary expertise to review any issues that may arise in any part of the country. 

Our other differentiating factor is our network of offices across the UK. Having 13 offices allows us to provide surveyors who are experts in their local area, who have knowledge of market conditions, contractors, and sites. We have dedicated surveyors in each office location who oversee all monitoring projects to ensure the consistency and accuracy of our reports.

Where the lender provides a standard template for the reports, this will be used. We will always check this against our own standard documents to ensure there are no gaps.

The initial report is a key exercise and we would always include a site visit to assess the site and a meeting with the developer to obtain all the information required to carry out our role. We have software in place that allows us to track all outstanding information and it highlights this to ensure it is obtained.

Our reports focus on the following main headings:

  • Site overview and site visit
  • Planning consents and conditions
  • Building warrant approvals and any amendments
  • Reports and surveys
  • Project plans, drawings, and specifications
  • Development documents including the construction contract
  • Assessment of the professional team and their appointments including assessing their scope of service and    insurances
  • Assessment of the competency of the main contractor and key sub-contractors
  • Insurances and collateral warranties
  • Development and construction programme
  • Construction and development costs
  • Development appraisal and cash flow
  • Review of sale and lease agreements

Hardies strive to maximise the protection of our client’s interests, minimising their exposure to risk whilst still remaining aware of the wider context of the development. We always make sure we are proactive and clear in our communication so to best manage all parties’ expectations during the process.



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