Within the EU, buildings account for around 40% of the energy used and create over 49% of the CO2 emissions. Increasing legislation to reduce these figures could affect the value of property portfolios and will certainly influence the development and use of any new buildings. 

Hardies aim to implement sustainable solutions in all areas of our organisation from the Partners down.  We guide and direct our staff throughout the business to embrace sustainability.  We encourage staff members to help make the workplace more sustainable through many areas of behavioural change and to think if ways to reduce waste, re-use and re-cycle wherever possible.

Our sustainability team, fully understand the environmental factors affecting the design of new buildings and can help to deliver sustainable solutions. 

Hardies also recognise that clients’ and other interested parties responsibilities don’t stop there, but extend through the entire life span of their buildings, hence our consideration of such matters during surveys and in refurbishment, extension and maintenance projects. 

We strive on all projects to achieve sustainable development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

As Chartered Surveyors we recognise that clients and other interested parties will expect that we will provide them with the most relevant, appropriate and up to date advice, which in the current market conditions includes all aspects of sustainable development. We also recognise that the concept of sustainability relates to the entire range of practice disciplines which Hardies offer to clients and other interested parties. 

In all aspects of our day-to-day activities, Hardies regularly question and challenge opinions and decisions to ensure that long term strategies for delivering sustainable development are clearly defined. Hardies firmly believe that we have a role to play in promoting sustainability both within and outside the Property and Construction sectors in which we operate.